Here are 10 advantages which speak in favor of the first MBA in Tourism program in Poland

1. Modern economy increasingly depends on services among which tourism is the fastest growing industry.

2. A broad business, cultural and social perspective regarding tourism, as well as different points of view (from USA, Europe, Poland). A joint US-Polish MBA program allows to acquire skills in culturally diverse business environment and to benefit from the mutual transfer of knowledge (know how).

3. Graduates are well prepared to work in tourism businesses and in hotels on key management positions, as well as start up their own companies and expand their activities on the tourism sector.

4. The effectiveness of business activity of graduates is increased by broad knowledge of such issues as multiculturalism and tourism industry management optimization tools.

5. The curriculum supports developing broad range of interpersonal skills, required on managerial positions: leadership skills, teamwork and problem solving skills, communication skills, the ability to conduct research and analysis, presentation and self-presentation, as well as skills required to work with the client.

6. Thanks to the international group of economically active students, all graduates build their own invaluable professional network, start business cooperation and share practical experiences from around the world.

7. Due to recognized international faculty members and their willingness to share both experience and knowledge, students receive a unique mix of success factors that will significantly contribute to the development of their businesses.

8. Modern, innovative formula of interactive study, different from the classical teaching model, allows for self-gathering of information and building own path of knowledge without necessity to “sit at a school desk".

9. Graduates receive a Master of Business Administration (MBA) diploma from American Antioch University and postgraduate Diploma of Specialised Studies from The University College of Tourism and Ecology.

10. MBA in Tourism is accredited by The American Higher Learning Commission.