1. MBA aims to prepare students to pursue demanding business projects, achieve success and finally win significant position in the tourism industry.

2. MBA offers an opportunity to invest in your future, build your career, enhance your qualifications and gain valuable business contacts.

3. MBA not only covering such classic MBA subjects as: marketing, management, ethics and accounting, but also emphasizing their specific use in the tourism industry.

4. The course explores in detail theoretical and practical aspects of business operations, and teaches business models which aim to improve management in the tourism sector.

5. The course focuses on pragmatic aspects of management and finding solutions to specific problems; students benefit from advice and guidance provided by business practitioners and from other students’ experience.

6. MBA allows students to build experience and to understand their businesses from a broader social and economic perspective.

7. This program does not teach students in a traditional way, but combines students’ individual work and team work, giving them an opportunity to exchange views and attitudes.